Kill It With Iron is a company that believes in ridding yourself of whatever negativity life throws at you (stress, anxiety, drama) that weighs you down or prevents you from achieving your dreams by “killing it with iron” at the gym. We believe lifting is a positive outlet to achieve balance in life and a tool for taking back control of what can often control and hold us down if we let it. We believe in leaving it all on the gym floor.

As the CEO I developed Kill It With Iron based upon my own experiences and mantra in life. In 2003 I stood 6’7” at a paltry 158 pounds.

I was looked down upon as weak, insignificant, a joke. I hated how skinny I was and was bound and determined to change that. Through the years I overcame many setbacks including injuries, divorce, custody battles and doubt and hate from naysayers.  I had every excuse to quit but I believed in myself and my ability to overcome and achieve my goals regardless of what stood in my way.  I was setting my own rules. Fast forward 14 years of blistering hard work and I’m now 275 pounds and starting a company I’ve dreamt of for years.
I still have goals, dreams and aspirations and I still have the same daily stresses and hurdles that everyone else has. But my mindset has changed. I look at those who said I couldn’t do it, I’d never get here, never achieve my goals and it brings a smile to my face because they never realized they were a driving force that pushed me harder toward my goal.

I hope that my products and story can be an inspiration to all my customers helping them grab ahold of their dreams regardless of who or what has stood in their way, to Kill It With Iron and prove them all wrong. We are united in our struggles, in our hope, and in our work. I hope you’ll wear my brand with pride, stand tall, and press forward toward your dreams.

2003 Before
2003 Before
1017 After
2017 After